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Hyundai Stellar GSL (1989)

High resolution image. Please click to enlarge.

I bought this car on November 2002, and used it for daily office travel till December 2009. It is powered by a 1.4L 4-cylinder in-line water cooled gasoline engine with a naturally aspirated twin carburetor. It's rear wheel drive transmission system has a 4-speed manual gear box.

It's design is very simple if you comparer it with a modern car, but is had lot of options installed in factory and would be a luxury for a car manufactured in 1989. 


It had power shutters with "Auto" mode for driver side, a 4-speaker Audio system with a graphic equalizer and an electric antenna, instrument panel illumination level control, reading lamps for rear passenger seats, A full instrument panel with taco meter, oil pressure gauge and battery voltage indicator, tilt and bucket adjustment for driver seat and central locking for all doors and trunk.

It came with a factory fitted air conditioner and internally adjustable (mechanical) rear view mirrors. 

High resolution images. Please click to enlarge.
These images were not taken to capture the car but the construction and that is why they always show the rear of it. They were cropped later to focus the car.

It is a pretty big car, and is over 13 feet long and weighs over 1100kg. If you take a modern car, it is the engine that mostly contribute to the weight but in this one the chassis it self is very heavy. It does not have power assisted steering but it's handling was pretty good on the road. (I tried 120km/hr speed on a remote road and it was really stable at that speed.)

I drove it for about 80,000km without any major issue, and the engine was still in it's original condition (no repairs done). It passed Sri Lanka Emission control test without a problem after 22 years from production date.

It's alternator based charging system is a German built Bocsh and the engine itself is built under licence from Mitsubishi. 

It has plenty of room inside and quite a comfortable car.

Though it had a small engine, it was never economical on Fuel. It did average 6 -8km/L (city) and 10-12km/L (long trip) on gasoline.

I sold this car to a person living in Nugegoda on the 04th June 2011.


Images from the last day that it was with me...

I did some additions/modifications to the electrical system to enhance the performance. 

There is a full list of modification in below document. 

Some information and links went missing when I converted this from a word document to a Google doc. I will update them at a later time.

Hyundai Stellar.doc


Engine#:  GDS-958746
Chassis#: KMHTF31EPJU-288761 
Year of Manufacture: 1989
Registration #: 16 SRI 2465